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The Atlanta Falcons are 1-3 in the first quarter of this NFL season. This is not the result the team expected. Last year, the team was plagued by injuries, but so far, the Falcons have continued to beat themselves with the unnecessary penalties, lack of scoring in the red zone, turnovers by the offense, lack of consistency and the list goes on.
In each loss, the Falcons got down early in the game and could not bounce back. What is really going on??? Was it the play calling? Are signals being missed? Are they still learning the plays of new Coordinators? When talking to players each week, they all said “We have to do better… We have to play better… We had a good week of practice… Take it week by week… No week is the same…”
With the Falcons now sitting at the bottom of the NFC South Division, they have yet to play any of the teams in their division. They currently 1-1 in the NFC conference but have yet to beat an AFC opponent.
So how do they turn things around? The same Keys in Game 1 PLUS a few…
Protect Matt Ryan!
Matt Ryan has been sacked TOO MANY times!!!

Protect the BALL!
Matt Ryan has thrown TOO MANY interceptions!!!

Where is the run game??? Freeman only has 157 rushing yards! The run game has to be present and better.

Stop the RUN!
There has not been consistency with the defense stopping the run!!!

This is Dan Quinn’s Defense right??? 5-SACKS and 2-INTERCEPTIONS?? Defense must do better… Plain and Simple

Stop the PENALTIES!!!!
42 Penalties in the first quarter… The TEAM must do better.

The Falcons will be on the road, Weeks 5 at Houston and Week 6 at Arizona. The fans will be waiting to so see if Week 7 back in the Mercedes Benz Stadium will be the welcome back home ovation or if it will be the return of the BOO BIRDS.

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