Week 1 – Falcons at Vikings

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If what we saw of the Falcons in week 1 continues into the next few games, it’s going to be a long disappointing season to watch. The Vikings rushed more yards but the Falcons had more passing yards. In looking at the stats, the Falcons played a better game in total yards; it just didn’t translate in the final score. At the end of the day, the Falcons have to play better and minimize the mistakes. The Falcons do not have an easy season so not protecting the ball, not stopping the run, not scoring in the red-zone, and costly turnovers will all need to be worked out quickly.

Keys to move forward:

Protect Matt Ryan!
The Vikings were able to sack Matt 4-times. Yes, this is a new offensive line BUT they have to gel quickly or Matt is not going to last the entire season.

Protect the BALL!
The Vikings were able to capitalize off turnovers early in the game putting the Falcons in the hole. It’s the first game of the season and some kinks needed to be worked out BUT that should have been completed in pre-season.

Stop the RUN!
The Vikings were able to rush 120-yards in the first half of the game. The positive in the second half for the Falcons Defense, some adjustments were made allowing 52-yards in the second half of the game.

The Falcons ONLY rushed for 73-yards the entire game. The run game has to be present and better.

ONE SACK… NO TURNOVERS??? Despite allowing on 98-passing yards, the DEFENSE only had one sack and no turnovers. Defense must do better… Plain and Simple

Were they present? Good field position is KEY.

The Falcons will host the Eagles for the home opener in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Falcons’ fans are looking forward to a win in Week 2.

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