Anybody… BUT THEM!!! Atlanta

WeSawIT January 15, 2019 Comments Off on Anybody… BUT THEM!!! Atlanta

It’s just a few days after the NFL Playoffs Divisional round and The ATL is fast getting ready for Super Bowl LIII. City streets are being re-paved, signs and banners are going up while city transportation, hospitality and security plans are being prepped.  The Atlanta Metropolitan area is even stockpiling brime which the area did not have during the ice-plagued Super Bowl XXIV back in 2000. The Georgia Dome is now demolished and the now premier of stadiums – Mercedes Benz Stadium is up and now home of the MLS Champion Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons.

The term ‘Not in My House’ is rumbling across the city. Locals watch closely routing on any team but the New Orleans Saints and don’t even mention the New England Patriots.  Yes the rivalry it that strong.  Local Atlanta suburbia promise to stay away from the city if the Saints make it to the Super Bowl.  While many accepted the fact that the Falcons would not go to the Super Bowl in their home city, they will not accept the Saints make themselves home in their stadium’s locker room.  ‘They will take over our city’, say many, ‘and it will be horrible’…

Many fans have yet to recover from the unspeakable meltdown of the Falcons in their first championship appearance in Super Bowl LI against the New England Patriots two years ago. ‘Anybody but them’ is what they are saying.

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