The NFL takes London

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For the 2nd time this 2014 season, the NFL flew across the big pond to London.  This series featured the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions.

While a great number of fans travelled from their perspective U.S. city, the majority of the American Football fans that attended Wembley Stadium were from all parts of the UK and several other European countries.  Fans took the opportunity to see an NFL game in person as Wembley stadium was filled with fans representing all 32 NFL teams.  Some fans are hoping the ‘rumors’ are true with regards to London having its own NFL team; while others feel that it’s a dumb idea.

NFL Fans in London

NFL Fans in London

Joe and Mae, a couple from West Kensington who are long-time New England Patriots fans said ‘We don’t want it’.  And while there are a lot of NFL fans in the UK and Europe; they all like different teams. ‘Nobody is going to leave the team they love to support the London Somethings‘.  We all love our favorite team and they are all different.’  When asked the question of how Joe picked the Patriots he stated ‘I picked that team because they had the name England in it.

Many say that the NFL Football game will never become as popular in Europe as the game they call Football… Time will tell.


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