MLB Player Puig a ‘hit ‘ in LA

WeSawIT June 29, 2013 Comments Off on MLB Player Puig a ‘hit ‘ in LA

Major League Baseball is buzzing about LA Dodgers rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig.  In his major debut, Puig scored 7-homeruns in his first 20 games managed 12 multi-hit games including five 3-hit games.

Some may argue that Puig deserves a spot in the All-Star Game while others feel a phenomenal 3-week start is not enough.  Dodger fans are voting for Puig as a write-in candidate hoping to make him the second Dodger (Steve Garvey ’74) and third Major Leaguer overall (Rico Carty, ATL, ’70) to win a starting All-Star spot via the write-in vote.  The All-Star rosters will be announced on July 7.

The Dodgers will give away 40,000 t-shirts to fans at the Yasiel Puig T-shirt day Sunday July 14.

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